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09-28-2017 Meet your Local Producer: Clover Valley Farms 6PM - 8PM Denfeld Classroom
by WFC-U

Thursday, September 28
6:00 8:00 PM

Denfeld Classroom
registration is required

In this new lecture series you will have the opportunity to get better acquainted with some of our Local Producers. Youll learn about the history of their businesses and the methods they employ in the making of their hand-crafted products. You will also have a chance to sample their goods.

Cindy Hale
Cindy is a self-taught cook from way back. Her German grandmother never used a single recipe and she was a fabulous cook! At age 13 Cindy entered her first cooking contest with Stuffed Peppers, a recipe her family had been making for a while. The judges said it was too difficult for a 13 year-old to make so they disqualified her their loss! In 2013, Cindy left her 20 year career as a research ecologist with the University of Minnesota Duluth to farm full-time. Cindy is very excited to share their recipes and fabulous gourmet vinegars. The health benefits of live culture vinegars are well known, and Cindy takes it to the next step by making great tasting food that is also very healthy.

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