Whole Foods Co-op
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Alexia Crispy Potato Puffs $3.99 ON SALE!
Alexia Hashed Browns With Sea Salt $4.39 ON SALE!
Alexia Onion Rings With Sea Salt $4.99  
Alexia Sea Salt Yukon Fries $4.39 ON SALE!
Alexia Sweet Potato Julienne Fries With Sea Salt $4.39 ON SALE!
Alexia Waffle Fries With Seasoned Salt $4.99 ON SALE!
Alexia Yukon Garlic Fries $3.99 ON SALE!
Amy's Bean & Rice Burrito $2.99  
Amy's Bean & Rice Cheddar Cheese Burrito $2.99  
Amy's Black Bean Burrito $2.99  
Amy's Black Bean Enchilada $5.39  
Amy's Black Bean Enchilada Whole Meal $5.69  
Amy's Breakfast Burrito $2.99  
Amy's Broccoli and Cheese Pot Pie $3.99  
Amy's Cheese Enchilada $5.39  
Amy's Cheese Enchilada Whole Meal $5.69  
Amy's Cheese Pizza $7.99  
Amy's Cheese Pizza Snacks $4.49  
Amy's Cheese Tamale Verde $5.69  
Amy's Especial Burrito $2.99  
Amy's Garden Vegetable Lasagna $5.69  
Amy's Gluten Free Sonoma Veggie Burger $6.69  
Amy's Gluten-free Bean & Cheese Burrito $3.69  
Amy's Gluten-free Bean & Quinoa Burrito $3.69  
Amy's Gluten-free Bean & Rice Burrito $3.69  
Amy's Gluten-Free, Non-Dairy Macaroni and Cheese $4.39  
Amy's Indian Samosa Wrap $3.69  
Amy's Macaroni & Cheese $3.69  
Amy's Margherita Pizza $8.99  
Amy's Organic Broccoli & Cheese Bowl $5.69  
Amy's Organic Brown Rice, Black-eyed Peas & Veggies Bowl $5.69  
Amy's Organic Cheese & Kale Bowl $5.69  
Amy's Organic Country Cheddar Bowl $5.69  
Amy's Organic Mattar Paneer $5.69  
Amy's Organic Mexican Casserole Bowl $5.69  
Amy's Organic Palak Paneer $5.69  
Amy's Organic Pesto Tortellini Bowl $5.69  
Amy's Rice Macaroni and Cheese $4.69  
Amy's Roasted Vegetable Pizza $8.99  
Amy's Southwestern Burrito $2.99  
Amy's Spinach Feta Pocket Sandwich $2.99  
Amy's Spinach Pizza $7.99  
Amy's Tofu Scramble $5.99  
Amy's Vegan Pot Pie $3.99  
Amy's Vegetable Lasagna $5.69  
Amy's Vegetable Pot Pie $3.99  
Annie's Homegrown Cheese Pizza Poppers $3.99  
Annie's Homegrown Pepperoni Pizza Poppers $3.99  
Arctic Glacier 5lb Ice $1.99  
Beyond Meat Beef Free Beyond Meat Burger $6.99  
Beyond Meat Beyond Beef $10.99  
Beyond Meat Hot Italian Sausage $9.99  
Beyond Meat Sausage Brat $9.99  
Blake's Organic Chicken Pot Pie $5.69  
Blake's Organic Gluten Free Chicken Pot Pie $5.69  
Blake's Organic Shepherd's Pie $5.69  
Boca Meatless Chik'n Nuggets $4.99  
Boca Meatless Ground Crumbles $4.99  
Boca Original Chik'n Veggie Patties $4.99  
Boca Spicy Chik'n Veggie Patties $4.99  
Brazi Bites Garlic Brazilian Cheese Bread $5.69  
Canyon Bakehouse Gluten Free Cinnamon Raisin Bagels $6.69  
Canyon Bakehouse Gluten Free Everything Bagels $6.69  
Canyon Bakehouse Gluten Free Hamburger Buns $6.69  
Canyon Bakehouse Gluten Free Honey White Heritage Bread $8.69  
Canyon Bakehouse Gluten Free Whole Grain Heritage Bread $8.69  
Canyon Bakehouse San Juan 7 Grain Bread $6.69  
Cappello's Italian Sausage & Roasted Pepper Pizza $9.69  
Cappello's Pepperoni Pizza $9.69  
Cascadian Farm Organic Apple Juice Concentrate $4.99  
Cascadian Farm Organic Blueberries $4.99  
Cascadian Farm Organic Broccoli Cuts $3.69  
Cascadian Farm Organic Broccoli Florets $3.39  
Cascadian Farm Organic California Style Blend $3.39  
Cascadian Farm Organic Chinese-style Stirfry Blend $3.39  
Cascadian Farm Organic Chopped Spinach $3.69  
Cascadian Farm Organic Cranberry Juice Concentrate $4.99  
Cascadian Farm Organic Cut Green Beans $3.39  
Cascadian Farm Organic Cut Green Beans $3.69  
Cascadian Farm Organic Frozen Strawberries $9.99  
Cascadian Farm Organic Gardener's Blend $3.39  
Cascadian Farm Organic Harvest Berries $4.99  
Cascadian Farm Organic Lemonade Concentrate $4.99  
Cascadian Farm Organic Mixed Vegetables $3.69  
Cascadian Farm Organic Orange Juice Concentrate $4.99  
Cascadian Farm Organic Raspberries $4.99  
Cascadian Farm Organic Raspberries $9.99  
Cascadian Farm Organic Riced Cauliflower $3.99  
Cascadian Farm Organic Shelled Edamame $3.39  
Cascadian Farm Organic Sliced Peaches $4.99  
Cascadian Farm Organic Strawberries $4.99  
Cascadian Farm Organic Sweet Corn $3.39  
Cascadian Farm Organic Sweet Peas $3.39  
Cascadian Farm Organic Sweet Potatoes & Kale Riced Cauliflower Blend $3.99  
Cascadian Farm Organic Whole Kernel Sweet Corn $3.69  
Cascadian Farm Spud Puppies $3.99  
Caulipower Cauliflower Pizza Crust $8.69  
Caulipower Chicken Tenders $9.99  
Caulipower Spicy Chicken Tenders $9.99  
Daiya Cheeze Lover's Pizza $8.99  

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